University of Houston — College of Education

Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies -- Higher Education

St. Cloud State University — Education

Educational Leadership and Higher Education -- Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs

Vanderbilt University — Peabody College

Leadership, Policy, and Organizations -- Higher Education Administration

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee — School of Education

Administrative Leadership -- Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration

University of Vermont — College of Education and Social Services

Department of Leadership and Developmental Studies -- Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration

Maryville University — College of Education

Education -- Online Doctor of Education - Higher Education Leadership

Southern Methodist University — Simmons School of Education & Human Development

Education Policy & Leadership -- M.Ed. in Higher Education

University of Washington — College of Education

Educational Policy, Organizations & Leadership -- Leadership in Higher Education

Caldwell University — School of Education

Graduate Programs -- Higher Education

Oklahoma State University — Education, Health, and Aviation

Higher Education and Student Affairs -- College Student Development, Higher Education, and Higher Education Administration