Central Michigan University

College of Education and Human Services

Department of Educational Leadership

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership

  • Ed D.
Program Emphasis: 
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Community College Leadership


Dr. Barbara Klocko
337 EHS
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

Program Statement

The Ed.D. degree in Educational Leadership is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills to educational leaders who seek to transform complex problems in education through practice in the educational institution. The program emphasizes the application of scholarship (theory) to the improvement of educational practice. The program’s goal is to develop thoughtful, knowledgeable practitioners. It is intended for individuals in educational leadership careers.

The online Doctor of Education degree in Education Leadership is offered in two different emphases:

K-12 Leadership - For students who aspire to a leadership role in the K-12 school and/or Central Office areas, in such positions as principals, superintendents, and curricular leaders. Students wishing to earn the Michigan Central Office Certificate will take EDL 880 Doctoral Internship to meet the State of Michigan requirements for this certification.
Higher Education Leadership - For students who wish to pursue a career in higher education in such leadership positions as president at a community college, college or university, dean of students, college administrator in areas such as enrollment management, finance, alumni relations, student services, assessment, athletics, registrar, and business operations.

The courses are taught in a predominately online cohort format, where students in a cohort follow a set schedule of classes together from start to finish. One year a cohort will begin for K-12 Leadership and the next year a different cohort will start for Higher Education Leadership. Students should only apply to a cohort in the area they wish to pursue

Meets ACPA Commission for Professional Preparation Standards: 
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Number of Program Faculty

Full Time: 
Total Program Credit Hours: 
Average Time to Degree: 
4-5 years

Visitation Program



Entrance Exam: 
  • GRE
Assistantship Required: 
Assistantship Placement Assistance: 
  • Full time
Program Delivery: 
  • Online
  • Hybrid
Course Schedule: 
  • Day
Comprehensive Exam Required: