University of Oklahoma

Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Adult and Higher Education

  • Ph D.
Program Emphasis: 
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Adult Education
  • Community College Leadership
  • Student Learning & Development

Program Statement

The doctoral program in Adult and Higher Education is directed toward the development of scholars and practitioners in Adult and Higher Education and is intended to serve individuals who have promise of making scholarly and professional contributions to the field of Adult and Higher Education. Doctoral emphases within the Adult and Higher Education program include:
The Ph.D. program in Adult and Higher Education is intended to be flexible in order to serve the professional developmental needs of the individual doctoral student. However, in order to enhance the success of completion of the program, all doctoral candidates are expected to take a certain number of research proficiency courses and will be expected to fulfill residence requirements. Graduate students must make a grade of “B” or better in core classes (EDAH 5013, EDAH 5023, EDAH 5033, EDAH 5043), if taken.  There was a moratorium on this policy from Aug 1, 2013 to December 31, 2014.  Effective Spring 2015 this moratorium has been lifted and we have returned to the original policy. Note that Ph.D. students are not required to take core courses but are required to take the qualifying exam if a previous master’s degree was not from EDAH; this exam is based on the core courses and comprehensive knowledge of adult and higher education. See a faculty advisor for specific academic advising.

Prospective students should review both the Graduate College Bulletin and information on the website under the ELPS Student Resources section, which describes in greater detail the procedures and requirements for doctoral study in Adult and Higher Education.

Meets ACPA Commission for Professional Preparation Standards: 
Meets CAS Standards: 

Number of Program Faculty

Full Time: 
Total Program Credit Hours: 
Average Time to Degree: 
4-7 years

Visitation Program



Entrance Exam: 
  • None Required
Assistantship Required: 
Assistantship Placement Assistance: 
  • Full time
  • Part time
Program Delivery: 
  • In-person
  • Hybrid
Course Schedule: 
  • Evening
Comprehensive Exam Required: