University of South Florida

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Leadership, Counseling, Adult, Career, and Higher Education (L-CACHE)

College Student Affairs

  • M.S.
Program Emphasis: 
  • Student Learning & Development


Ms. Carmen Goldsmith
4202 E. Fowler Ave.
USF College of Education - EDU 105
Tampa, FL 33620

Program Statement

Program Overview

The College Student Affairs (CSA) Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. program at the University of South Florida is designed to foster the intellectual and professional development of individuals seeking careers as student affairs administrators in institutions of higher education.  Through intensive coursework and practical experience, individuals gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the theoretical foundation of the profession and the principles and practices that promote holistic college student development.  The objective of the program is for individuals to learn and apply the skills necessary for developing climates conducive to college students' learning and personal growth.

Program Philosophy

The CSA program at the University of South Florida leads to an M.Ed. degree. Students complete the program as a cohort, which is a valuable part of the learning experience. The strength and uniqueness of the CSA program is its emphasis on providing students a sound theoretical foundation combined with integrated and challenging field experience. The instructional method of relating theory-to-practice is accomplished by involving students in rigorous classroom activity along with internships and graduate assistantships in specialized areas of student affairs work. Graduates will be prepared for entry level and mid-management positions in student affairs areas such as: residence life, career services, student activities, and advising.

The CSA program emphasizes three major components: Foundational Studies, Professional Studies, and Supervised Practice as recommended by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. The curriculum includes theories of human growth and development, environmental influences, and social science based interventions as applied to student affairs practice.

Features of the CSA Program

The program is a full-time, two year program of study.
All full-time students have graduate assistantships in student affairs related functional areas.
Coursework includes foundations of student affairs, student development theory, educational research, leadership and management, law and student affairs, diversity and assessment practices.
Supervised Practicum 

Meets ACPA Commission for Professional Preparation Standards: 
Meets CAS Standards: 

Number of Program Faculty

Full Time: 
Total Program Credit Hours: 
Average Time to Degree: 
Two years for full-time students

Visitation Program



Entrance Exam: 
  • GRE
  • Miller Analogies Test
Assistantship Required: 
Assistantship Placement Assistance: 
  • Full time
  • Part time
Program Delivery: 
  • In-person
Course Schedule: 
  • Day
  • Evening
Comprehensive Exam Required: